AMLAT Network

The issue of the communication in Latin America is an usual research area among institutions, researchers, groups and lines invited to construct the cooperation thematic network ‚ÄúCommunication, citizenship, education and integration‚ÄĚ (Rede AMLAT). In the last quinquennium the participation of teachers from many institutions as docents, lecturers, postgraduate students, investigation group members and authors in periodicals of other institutions intensified the contacts and the scientific academic cooperation among the proponents. In the actual Latin American conjuncture, where favorable conditions to integration are presented, the cooperative work in science, education and communication is a crucial factor to the strategic projects of transformation and sustainable development.


Rede AMLAT pursuits contributing meaningfully in the graduation, master and doctorate courses qualification of the participant universities. Thereunto, the academic-scientific trajectory of the groups, nucleus, researchers and institutions are going to be utilized and potentiated as it allows the exchange, the cooperation and the insertion of teachers, students, researchers and scholars in the intellectual formation and research activities achievement generated by Rede AMLAT.

In sociocultural terms, the Rede AMLAT socialize its production in the digital spaces of each institution, as well as in the Rede AMLAT PORTAL that composes in the confluence place and cooperation effective and dynamic, both to component communities and Latin American citizenry.

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