livro_05Epistemologia, Investigação e Formação Científica em Comunicação

Epistemology, Scientific Research and Formation (Structure) in Communication

Abstract:The book is a product of an investigative, theoretical and educative cooperation among groups, centers and participant nucleus of AmLat Network. The production presents work, teaching and research experiences on its complexities and deficiencies, in order to strengthen, socialize and accomplish concrete intellectual products to benefit the academic communities of the four participating countries.

livro_04Comunicação, Educação e Cidadania: saberes e vivências em teorias e pesquisa na América Latina

Communication, Education and Citizenship: knowledge and experiences in theories and research in Latin America

Abstract:The third book of AmLat Network achieve a significantly part of the intellectual productive work of the groups, centers, colleges and researchers involved. The work shows the necessity of redesigning and operationalizing the strategies of educative reformulation on the Latin America, setting the research as the articulating axis of the teaching/learning processes.

livro_03Metodologias de Pesquisa em Comunicação: olhares, trilhas e processos (2ª edição)

Research Methodologies in Communication: views, tracks and processes (2nd edition)

Abstract:The second edition of the book seeks to improve and continue the work of the methodological reflection, research teaching and proposition of investigation production new conditions to the Communication Sciences field. The texts are result of the research group Processocom members experiences.

Perspectivas metodológicas em comunicação: desafios na prática investigativa

Methodological perspectives in communication: challenges in research practice

Resumo:The second book of the research group Processocom was written by postdoctoral, doctoral, master and intern research students. The authors show different methodological views about the research field on the Communication Sciences. The research was divided in four structures: trans methodology, historical perspectives, cartography and concrete empirical challenge. The prologue is by the renowned Spanish author Jesús Martín-Barbero: “I should start explaining the challenge span that this book assumes: give the methodological perspective not related to the simple internal avatars of the communication or social sciences field, but in relation to cultural transformations that occurs in our societies as a consequence of the technological mutation.

Metodologias de pesquisa em comunicação – olhares, trilhas e processos

Research Methodologies in Communication: views, tracks and processes

Resumo: Diversity of views, paths and processes present in the preparations and uses of research methodologies in communication is the main mark of this conjunct work. Describing the particulars trajectories of each member researches, the texts clarify the worry of reflecting about the works and fundaments that basis the researches. The authors of the book show their methodological reflections in different levels of complexity. The concrete research experiences reveal the research in communication also as an inventive work.

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