Citizenship, culture and technology

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The concept of citizenship is one of communicative themes of GP-PROCESSOCOM, questioned in the context of PPGCC-UNISINOS and Network AMLAT seeks to improve and deepen this important contemporary issues, helping to clarify a number of issues related to exercise, participation, production, creation and rights of the people as subjects communicating in intercultural information societies, mediatized and multidimensional of our time. Conceive citizen communication as a subject in transformation that generates thoughts and actions in favor of not deferrable socio-cultural chances.

The culture is thought as multiple, diverse, inter-relational, fruitful, expressive and representative of lifestyles. Away from ethnocentrism and exclusivism, we advocate the recognition and respect for all cultures, foster research for his knowledge organized and dialogical. We seek to produce renewed academic cultures that go beyond the narrow positivist, functionalist and pragmatic.

The technological dimension is thought of in terms of a decisive logos for communicative processes at the present time. Establish a critical distance in relation to the technicist, technphobic and technphilic strands; designing systems, configurations, models, drawings and technical realities as intelligences act, as structuring operative result of a theory and simultaneously as social provision forms, symbology, organization and inter-communicative relationship. We preferably investigate the sociocultural appropriations techniques, and their relations with certain ways of thinking and structuring the world, generating critical knowledge and communicational aspects from criticism.

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