Latin America

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Our mestiza, miscegenated, multicultural, millennial, welcoming, refurbishing America constitutes the cradle (the big context) where education, research and knowledge production are basis for Processocom Research Group. The philosophical, historical, political, artistic, cultural and social marks of Latin American, the common diversity, expresses themselves in a substantial way for the investigated communicative subjects, the problematized reference objects, the researchers who work on doctorate, masters, scientific initiation and postdoctoral projects and are formed by Processocom. The living ways, social problems, urban and rural imaginaries, subjectivities, speeches, communicative processes, media productions, and strategies/tactics investigated converge in the common perspective of thinking about the transformation. We flow on multiversal autochthonous and international epistemologies. First, we learn about our constitutive historic processes on its paradoxical dialectics, that combine civilization and barbarism; colonialism and neocolonialism; savage capitalism and avant-garde structures; authoritarianism and participative democracies; material arrears and fertile talents, all through intense mental experimentation and inventive action. The challenge of knowledge, in our case, fits on the expressive critical shed of Latin America, committed with cultures, nature, ethnic diversity, human beings (particularly its subaltern classes) and the deep reformulate of learning, theories, methodologies and educative models. We work for the construction of a strong scientific field on Latin America, as one of its crucial foundations for development and change. Our focus is the union of efforts on the formulation, reconstruction, invention, confluence and multiethical crossing of strategies, procedures, models, tactics, technologies and methodological arranges in the perspective of a deep sociocultural transformation.

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