Research methodologies

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PROCESSOCOM research group works in a multi methodological perspective as an epistemological option composed through researches produced by collective components in the last decades. We affirm that the contemporaneous communicative complexity needs confluence/methods strengthener confrontation in transformed perspective; in this orientation we promote projects that reconstruct the strategies, procedures, premises, draws and technics in inventive dialogue with the referring objects, rendering problematic and learning about its structuring and logical dynamics of renewed confluence. We defend trans-methodological option as a deepening and reconstruction, transformation and methodological renewed increasing strategy because of a critical, ethic and responsible with life, nature, humans and all the existent species research.

We sustain the crucial character of the research in the educative work. It is specified the necessity of the construction research after known the research (research of research), in conceptual terms as well as in the production done by the formulated problematic. Research of research and Exploratory Research are problematic structured basis.

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